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omorat de chinaDEATH BY CHINA Documentary

From best-selling author and filmmaker, Peter Navarro, comes DEATH BY CHINA, a documentary feature that pointedly confronts the most urgent problem facing America today — its increasingly destructive economic trade relationship with a rapidly rising China.

Since China began flooding U.S. markets with illegally subsidized products in 2001, over 50,000 American factories have disappeared, more than 25 million Americans can’t find a decent job, and America now owes more than 3 trillion dollars to the world’s largest totalitarian nation. Through compelling interviews with voices across the political spectrum, DEATH BY CHINA exposes that the U.S.-China relationship is broken and must be fixed if the world is going to be a place of peace and prosperity.

Death by China is now playing in select cities around the U.S.

Visit for screening locations and additional dates.

CloseLumea se trezeste! America se trezeste?! Planeta este invadata de produse “Made in China”. Nu doar America, toata planeta importa din China. Din anul 2001, tot mai multe tari au inceput sa produca lucruri in China. Daca vi se pare ca totul este intamplator, eu spun ca totul este controlat si planuit. In anul 1999, a inceput persecutia Falun Gong, o persecutie impotriva a 100 milioane de oameni pasnici. De la inceperea persecutiei, milioane de practicanti Falun Gong au ajuns in lagare de munca. Si mai rau, de la inceperea persecutiei a crescut si recoltarea de organe, recoltare de organe facuta de stat cu ajutorul armatei. Doar intr-un singur an s-a estimat ca au fost ucisi aprox. 40.000 de practicanti Falun Gong pt. organele lor.

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